"I won't be labeled as average."
  Below are some fun little facts and personality traits from the people who knew Rachel best.

Favorite Colors:

Yellow and Lavender

Favorite Shapes:
Hearts, Cross, Rose

Favorite Movies:
Ever After, Arsenic and Old Lace, Untamed Heart, Titanic, American History X

Favorite Christian Bands:
Jars of Clay,
DC Talk,
Michael W.Smith,
Five Iron Frenzy

Favorite Secular Music:
Jewel, Enya,
Dave Matthews Band

Favorite Song:
“Bittersweet Symphony” by
The Verve

Favorite Secular Television Programs:
My So Called Life, Seventh Heaven

Favorite Actors/Actresses:
Julia Roberts,
Jodi Foster,
Cameron Diaz,
Drew Barrymore

Favorite Reading Topics:

Any poetry, creative writing Favorite


Anne Geddes

Favorite Foods, Beverages &

Cheese pizza,
hot wings, burgers, anything sweet, cereal (she was a picky eater)

Favorite Book:
How To Be a World Changer-Aquire the Fire

The Person Rachel Admires Most:
Her Mother

Rachel’s Favorite Biblical Era:
The Epistles

Rachel’s Favorite
Non-Biblical Era:

Famous queens of
any period


Drama, piano,
writing, competitive games, hanging out with friends, youth group.

Favorite Style of Clothing:
Vintage clothing,
hats, casual, no fuss

The Place That Rachel Wanted to Visit the Most:
Africa, and California (for acting)

The Things That Rachel Wanted Most:
To be a writer

An Activity
that Rachel most wanted to do in
her life that
never happened:

Finish her book on discipleship

Favorite Insect:
Blue Butterflies
  This was written on the cover of the journal in Rachel's backpack she was wearing when she died. She wanted to touch lives, and not be your "average" high-schooler, while at the same time living life to its fullest–and enjoying it.

It's been three years since Rachel Scott's death at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999. Her funeral drew the most viewers in television history and she continues to touch millions of lives. She has reminded us all that life could be gone from us in a second and we should make the most of it. It is here that we, those who knew her and those who didn't, remember Rachel. Rachel the actress. Rachel the Christian. Rachel the sister, the daughter, the friend.

From miming "Watch the Lamb" and "The Hammer", to having a lead role in the play "Smoke in the Room", Rachel loved being in the spotlight. She filmed some of her own video footage using a family camcorder. She was writing the school play for her senior year.

Like all teenagers, Rachel struggled with doubts and frustrations. She expressed these, along with some of her most inner thoughts and feelings in her journals. Sometimes she wrote them in the form of poems and letters. Sometimes she addressed them to God. Now, those journals are what her parents read out of when they travel the country speaking about their daughter's life, and her values. They encourage all of us to "pick up the torch" and start a "chain reaction" of compassion and kindness.

Rachel was a girl who was friends with everyone. There wasn't a soul who wasn't important to her. She loved her family, her friends...and the Lord. She was very active in her church youth group, and her love for the Lord was evident in the way she lived her life. Although she sometimes spoke to her non-Christian friends about Jesus, in one of her journal entries she wrote, "I don't have to say anything, they just see you in me".

Another journal entry reads: "I want you to use me to reach the unreached".

In the three years since her death, "Queen Rachel's" prayer has been answered. Probably beyond her wildest dreams. Millions of people have come, and continue to come, to the Lord because of her legacy. A girl from Littleton, Colorado, who said "yes" to God everyday, even in the face of death. A girl who wasn't afraid to stand up for what she believed in. A girl who wasn't afraid to be herself. A girl who was far from average. A girl named Rachel Joy Scott.

Rachel’s Personality

From a general perspective Rachel was described as a kind, considerate and all around sweet girl who always wanted to make people around her smile and feel good. She had a witty sense of humor but was also very, very goofy at times.

From a more personal point of view Rachel was seen as very ambitious, determined and driven. She was a devout Christian and shined that light in everything she did.

Rachel, like all of us, had her little quirks. Rachel’s strengths and weaknesses were all quirks that made her Rachel. She was very compassionate and honest with herself. She would always tell people that she “never sugar-coated anything”. Rachel’s love for God was seen by everyone around her, but she never beat anybody over the head with her beliefs. She would jump at the opportunity to witness and had a wisdom beyond her years.

Rachel’s had tough expectations for herself. She was driven and sometimes would drive herself crazy trying to meet that expectation. While she had high expectations of herself her feelings towards her own driving skills were a little more relaxed. She had a difficult time concentrating when she was driving so in turn was one of the worst drivers most of us know. It is one of those things you can look back on and laugh.

Rachel’s family has some of the greatest little stories and experiences with Rachel. One such quality was how much Rachel disliked cooking. Probably the best experience with Rachel happened whenever someone called the house and got the answering machine. “Hello, you have reached Queen Rachel and her servants, Larry, Beth, Bethany, Dana, Craig, and Michael. If you would like any of her servants to do something for her, please leave a detailed massage.”

While Rachel had many talents, the one that sticks out the most was her ability to play the piano entirely by ear. She would just listen to the notes, find them on the piano by sound and put it all together. The latest song she learned how to play was “My Heart Will Go On”, from the Titanic soundtrack.

Friends and family say that Rachel’s most memorable moment was when she was on stage playing the lead, in the spring play, Smoke in the Room. Acting was a passion for her and watching her achieving one of her goals was unforgettable.