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Board Members

Alicia Hill, Chairman 

Beth Nimmo, President
Michael Tamburello, Vice President 

Ron Jeske, Treasurer 

Ruth Skeel, Secretary

Sheldon Harding, Accountant
Erin McNamara,
 Special Projects



Technical Support:

Michael Scott

Craig Scott



Creative Direction & Design:

Tamburello Media Group


Main Page Web Film:

Cinematography by:

Michael Tamburello


Production Assistant/Hand Model:

Nina Tamburello


Heartfelt thanks to director Brian Baugh

for providing his amazing raw footage of
“Scene 23”of little Rachel used in the creation

of the main page web film.


Photo Credit:

Christina Bentley/Times-Tribune &

Sentinel-Echo for use in image composite

Thanks to Erin Cox for permission


Non-Profit Status

RJSM is a 501C3 tax-exempt

Colorado corporation.

State ID: 98-17604-0000

EIN: 84-1582880

Rachel Joy Scott Memorial (RJSM) was incorporated in October of 2000 but did not begin operations until 2001. The entity was formed in honor of Rachel Joy Scott who was one of the Columbine High School, Littleton, Colorado, victims in the tragic event in April of 1999. 


The primary exempt purposes of RJSM is to educate the community, which includes families, schools, the nation and others in the world of what can be learned from the writings and shortened life of Rachel, as well as the tragic event and aftermath that families of tragic events endure.


The founder and director of this fund is Rachel’s mother, Beth Nimmo, who not only raised Rachel but four other children with her. Craig, one of Rachel’s brothers was also in the Columbine High School library and next to other victims on the day of the tragedy.


The intent of the organization is to continue to spread the unique messages of Rachel’s life and family and also to promote healing in any family faced with any tragedy.  Rachel wrote down many unique messages that have already been utilized to encourage youth and people of all ages.


In feedback and polls that have been taken, there are very high percentages of young people that want to live their own life more like Rachel. The messages have been well received in public school settings. Rachel had made a special effort to reach out to people often neglected, the handicapped, the picked-on and those new to school in the last years of her life. Her life and struggles in life have become a model of honesty, compassion, kindness, and faith in God. Her model is being used to transform other lives for the common good of everyone. 


It is with great appreciation that we thank you for your interest in RJSM.  We are a 501C3 organization registered in the state of Colorado. We are continuing to move forward in reaching young people through speaking, training and equipping others and “making a difference” in the ministry we are called to.


God Bless,


Beth Nimmo, Founder



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