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“These hands belong to Rachel Joy Scott and will someday touch millions of people's hearts.”
- Rachel Joy Scott

Rachel was only seventeen years old when she lost her life in the tragic shooting at Columbine High School on April 20th 1999. She was the first student killed that sad day. It was a day where twelve students and one teacher lost their lives.


After Rachel’s death the family discovered she left a legacy of writings and drawings that were amazing. She foretold of an early death. Many writings were insightful for what she perceived of attitudes and what she observed at the school.


She also left us her desires and dreams of being used to impact the world. She possessed a great love for God and wanted to be used by Him to help others.​


Rachel was the middle of my five children and instead of getting lost as a middle child, she created a unique place for herself.  She was competitive, witty and a very loving young lady.

After her death there were so many stories given to us by friends and complete strangers of the many times she reached out to them and was a faithful steadfast friend. She always was able to see the good in people and defended others by not stereotyping them and appreciating the differences.


It has been through her death that she has and will continue to do exactly what her dream was of impacting the world. Over 22 million people up to this point have been impacted for the good by hearing Rachel’s story.

Image of Rachel derived from approximately 300 frames of a short video Rachel shot of herself in 1999. Images were then processed and stylized.

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