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Time for a Little "Catch Up"

Dearest Friends and Family,

We are approaching the 21st anniversary of the Columbine school tragedy. It has been some time since I have personally communicated with you. I want to share with you some news and overview of what has and is happening.

Last year was actually a hard year for me personally. Speaking engagements were down and then we were informed of our eldest grandson’s life-threatening illness. It rather took my breath away. Most of you would have no way of knowing, but the disease that he was diagnosed with took the life of my brother and his son, my nephew. This was an emotional heartbreak for me. We are continuing our prayers for God’s healing.

Our hearts are broken for those who have lost loved ones and friends due to the COVID-19 virus. So many are left unemployed or a temporary job loss. Businesses have suffered and families separated. We are praying for healing in our land, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Take courage as the Lord is near in your time of suffering. His love is always there for you. God cares about every aspect of our lives and He is touched when we call out to Him in our time of discouragement.

This virus has brought changes that could bring a permanent change on how business is conducted and how we communicate. For myself, any and all upcoming events were cancelled. As a result, we are working to be responsible and use the shutdown to reformat how we continue to spread Rachel’s story.

The conclusion is to be more active on this website. Hopefully, we will generate new and continued interest and bring content that will inspire and bring hope. There will be new links posted and we are going to work on opening an online store. While we have no newly developed products, we do have an assortment of available books, posters and the I’m Not Ashamed DVD.

In other good news, our vice president, Michael Tamburello, who also founded the Lullaby for Columbine Project that produced "Love Endures", a benefit CD that went national in 2000, extended his hand of generosity and arranged for a portion of the proceeds of its digital download sales to cover our site’s cost for hosting. You can read more about it on our news page. But most importantly, visit the iTunes download page to purchase this inspiring CD that has been captivating listeners worldwide since 1999 with powerful and inspiring music honoring those who lives were lost at Columbine. We are also in the process of setting up an online store where, among other great items, the physical CD will be available for purchase featuring a beautiful 12 page full-color booklet and iconic cover art by Stars Wars poster illustrator Drew Struzan.

In other news, last fall I gave an interview with a company named “I Am Second.” The interview, titled “Unworthy”, I speak with a former school shooter. It is very eye opening to see inside the heart of one who is so desperate that it leads him to a choice of opening fire at school. The contrast between a shooter and a victim actually isn’t as far apart as you might think. Rachel always contented that everyone deserves love, acceptance and belonging. You will be able to see how this shooter was looking for those very things for his own life, he just chose to believe that his decision, an act of violence would somehow bring relief to his pain. I believe you will be blessed by hearing his and my story.

Then I have a personal favorite. Please view a short video of my granddaughter who is two and a half years old singing. I just love it and hope you will as well. I listen at least twice a day to her as it always brings a smile and brightens my day.

My son Craig Scott who is a survivor of the shooting has lost all upcoming events and is available for speaking. He has an amazing story of how the Lord used him in the school library to help wounded and scared students to safety. He has a program called “Value Up.” That gives students value to themselves and others. He has spoken at many events and millions of students. Check out his link and be encouraged and blessed. He has an amazing heart for turning tragedy into triumph. Do check out his site at

Well, I have been a bit chatty, but wanted to make up for some lost time. As April the 20th comes, it is a bittersweet anniversary. Bitter with the loss of innocent life taken and sweet with the knowledge that through death so much good has come out of it. The story is still as strong and impactful through all these years. Rachel always joked about being the Queen and all of us serving her. Well, she got her wish—our whole family shares her story with great love and a tear in our eyes, but with great sacrifice comes great reward. We are truly blessed!!

Love, Beth (thankful to be Rachel’s mother)

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