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Special Message for RJSM Visitors and Subscribers

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Greetings everyone!

Much has happened over the last several months that have forced our organization to make a comprehensive review of everything affecting our business and ability to remain functioning in the future. Part of our decision is the result of COVID-19, which has greatly impacted organizations like ours, but also visitors and subscribers like you who have been generous supporters of our mission through the years in helping us share Rachel's story and legacy. At this juncture, we are putting all business and any new site development including the store on standby as we monitor the continuous impact of the crisis on our organization and the world in general. For the interim, we are committed and funded to keep the site up for an indeterminate period of time until we are able to make a final decision on the future of our organization and how it will impact our presence on the web. We ask for your ongoing prayer support during this challenging time. Beth Nimmo, the mother of Rachel and founder and president of RJSM, is using this time to step back for a while and take a much-needed break to re-examine her role. Beth will touch base with everyone in the near future and express in her own words what is on her heart. Thank you and God bless. Michael Tamburello, Vice President and Webmaster of RJSM

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