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Hello Friends!

It is with the greatest pleasure we welcome you back to the Rachel Joy Scott website. For a few months it was used to promote the movie, “I’m Not Ashamed” which was released in October of 2016. On January 24th of this year, the release of the DVD is coming out. I hope very much you either have seen the movie in the theatres, or will be able to view it through the DVD.

My intention with the new opening and updated site is to have a message from time to time letting you know of any new events or great reports of how Rachel’s story is impacting and inspiring so many.

The purpose of the website is for that very purpose. Those who have been touched by Rachel gives us great resolve to continue passing forward what she left behind and gave her life for.

I hope and pray that from time to time you will visit and please feel free to let us know how Rachel has touched your life.




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