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"I'm Not Ashamed" Premieres in Poland!

We are excited to announce that “I’m Not Ashamed” will be opening in Warsaw, Poland on March 2, 2018. Bearing the Polish title, “Moja Miłość”, this is the first time the film will be shown in the European Union to share Rachel’s life and legacy, which is expected to draw a large, young audience. This release will serve as a great companion to the Polish translation of “Rachel’s Tears” that arrived in bookstores in Poland in 2010 and was received quite well across the predominantly Catholic country.

Shortly after the announcement of the film’s international debut, Beth was delighted to learn of the long-awaited release of the film outside of the U.S.

“After the release of the Polish translation of Rachel’s Tears in 2010, I remember just looking at it, smiling, and how happy I was to know that the book had been translated.”, she recalls. “That is how I feel about the movie ‘I’m Not Ashamed’ being released in Poland. I feel this movie is by far my greatest accomplishment in sharing Rachel’s story. Much care and thought was given to make it as accurate and authentic as possible. The movie will give you a very clear picture of who Rachel was. My prayer is that many people of this great country will be blessed and inspired.”

Beth has spoken to many audiences in Europe including Poland and recalls her time spent there. “I found the country of Poland to be awesome. I loved visiting the old churches the best. They were so beautiful”.

We don’t have word yet if the film is planned for showings in other major cities across Poland, or across Europe. RJSM will keep you updated on any developments with this important phase in sharing Rachel’s life and legacy.

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